In the midst of a civil war, rebel spaceships now target formerly friendly factions, as the relentless pursuit of resources has transformed the Infinite Beyond into a battlefield.

Up until recently, most of wolvenkind had forgotten about The Others and the events that transpired on Earth so many moons ago. They had forgotten how they arrived on Dricarro 9. They had forgotten how they were genetically enhanced and fought alongside The Others in the Great Wars. They had forgotten the epic defeat of Klaus Papierhands and The System. Worst of all…they had forgotten Raiju’s sacrifice.

They took to infighting and forming packs that segregated society. They started stealing from each other and fighting each other. They had lost touch with reason and compassion for one another. Many of them had even begun questioning Mother Wolf herself and denounced any allegiance to her. Some went as far as having chips installed in their brains to block her telepathic communications to them. Unity among the wolves seemed farther away than ever.
But one day, the ancient receiver that was left behind came back online, and its message was broadcast to every single Homebase across the Infinite Beyond.

The Others were returning to Dricarro 9 after centuries of absence. There was to be an emergency meeting. A call for unity and a call to arms. Many unexpecting species answered the call and agreed to send representatives.

At the summit, The Others revealed their discovery that Klaus Papierhands was still alive after being presumed to be dead for centuries. Not only was he still alive, he was devising conquests through a nearby galaxy amassing resources and building his army of sinister agents.

It was clear to everyone present that the threat was too large to face on their own. They knew they had to put aside their differences and unite against their common enemy, lest they be swallowed whole by the darkness that would soon pursue them all...

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