A team dedicated to making Web3 more honest, fun, and rewarding.

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Wolvez at heart.


You'll never meet another team that !howls quite as much as this one...
With 15+ years of design, marketing, communications, and business development experience under his belt, it was only a matter of time before Web3 sucked him in and took him into his full degen era.
Game Lead
Oneshot is a Star Wolvez Maxi and lifelong competitive gamer. With 10+ years of experience in QA testing and business management, he decided to fully dive into the development of the Star Wolvez Game and ecosystem.
Community & Partner Lead
Eso is a lifelong gamer who got into web3 and NFT's because he saw the potential of digital asset ownership and how it could change gaming forever. He's excited to be uniting web3 projects and pushing the space forward!
Founding Artist
R2 has been a crypto and NFT degen for 6 years that lives by the motto buy high/sell low. Pixel artist/animator, podcaster and professional pint drinker, you’ll find him talking to anyone and everyone about how gaming is ripe for 'Web3ification'.
NVO is a Brooklyn-based creative writer & media operator who's work spans digital, climate, and web3 media. In his free time he writes short stories (and Star Wolvez lore)
Founding Advisor
As an NFT degen and crypto trader since 2014, Scottco co-founded AlphaMint — an education-centric NFT trading community in 2021. With a pragmatic approach and a steadfast belief in web3 gaming, I am dedicated to providing valuable insights and fostering knowledge for the growing NFT space.
Short Circuit
Full-Stack Game Developer
Sr. Full-Stack Software and Data Engineer with 12+ years professional experience, formally trained in computer and information sciences. A web3 enthusiast who's humbled to be a part of bringing NFT gaming to reality. Fun fact: I build/fix things IRL too. I've built over 100 houses, countless furniture pieces and IoT gadgets, and have decades of experience fixing/restoring cars as well.
Full-Stack Game Developer
Chance loves to travel and he's a true digital nomad having lived in different cities all over the US and Europe. Fun fact: After his philosophy degree, he was supposed to start law school but two weeks before classes began he enrolled in computer science.
Full-Stack Game Developer
Lukeh has a passion for sport and fitness while trying to maintain a nerd neck by developing and gaming. A true hybrid looking to concur web3.
Long-time community hero of Star Wolvez, a legend amongst the pack... Recently completed a full animation of every Star Wolf trait leading to our first NM-8 Chip obtainable in-game (turns your static Wolf into an animated GIF).
Sir Linkin
Another long-time community hero — Sir Linkin is in charge of animating every Genesis Wolf by working with each holder and crafting rich stories through pixels and GIFs.
SoFla native and DevSecOps engineer that has been spending his hard earned salary money on NFT's since early 2020. You can always find him amplifying the beating heart of the Star Wolvez community, vibing to synthwave, and pursuing a flawless tan under the Floridian sun.
Concept artist/illustrator with over 7 years of experience. Works primarily on game projects. Co-founder of Kumaverse and proudly contributed as an artist to Star Wolvez and Kaiju Kingz.
Discord Dev
A legend in the Star Wolvez universe — the wolf that built, tweaked, and tinkered with our groundbreaking Discord game in the early days.
Mint Developer
Long-time Web3 Developer and AI Engineer, dropacid created the minting contract for Star Wolvez — one of the most gas optimized and smoothest mints at the time.